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Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors (the "Board") and the Management of AMOS Group Limited (the "Company") are committed to achieving a high standard of corporate governance within the Company and its subsidiaries (the "Group"). Underlying this commitment is the belief that good corporate governance will help to enhance corporate performance and protect the interest of the Company's shareholders (the "shareholders").

This report outlines the Company's corporate governance practices that were in place for the financial year ended 31 March 2018 ("FY2018") with specific reference made to the principles and guidelines of the Code of Corporate Governance 2012 (the "Code"), which forms part of the continuing obligations of the Listing Rules of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited.

The Board is pleased to confirm that for FY2018, the Group has adhered to the principles and guidelines in the Code where appropriate. Any deviations from the guidelines of the Code or areas of non-compliance have been explained accordingly.

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